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IED Company

We design and manufacture electronic solutions
for industries that are stepping ahead into the future.



Because all technologies need electronics for their innovations to reach society. Without electronics, there is no progress.

We refer to this capacity that electronics has to allow industry to innovate for the benefit of humanity as electronicity.

ELECTRONICITY is cross-disciplinary, which means it can be applied to any project in any sector.

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A smart team of people who are efficiently distributed to tackle big challenges.

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We are specialists offering solutions for the most varied sectors.


Main sectors

  • Wind energy


  • Solar energy


  • Agriculture


  • Power tools


  • Rural electrification


  • Machinery


  • Automation and power electronics

    and power

IED Company was founded in the early 1990s in the town of Aizoáin (Navarra) with the aim of providing the industry with electronic products tailored to the specific needs of each segment. Leveraging our engineering department with over 40 years of experience, we have developed high-quality electronic solutions for the most demanding clients.

Comprehensive development in electronic solutions for various industrial sectors

At IED Company, we specialize in developing electronic solutions that address a wide range of needs across almost every industrial sector, including wind energy, solar energy, agriculture, electric tools, electric mobility, industrial automation, automotive auxiliary machinery, rural electrification, among others.

We professionally develop in the field of electronic circuit design, production, and assembly, as well as component management for all sectors, including their marketing and after-sales service.

Our range of products is broad and versatile. IED Company’s product portfolio includes control devices, sensors, actuators, monitoring systems, and more. Our solutions are designed to improve efficiency, safety, and productivity in all types of environments, from controlled to hostile.

Some of our flagship products include:
  • SAFE-OM: Integrated lighting and safety system for the interior of wind turbines.
  • SAG: Wind speed sensor with audible and visual alarm.
  • Irrigation programmer: Wireless system for the agricultural sector.
  • STUC: Robust solar tracking system.
Collaboration and adaptation to each client’s needs

Our focus on innovation drives us to stay at the forefront of technology, constantly incorporating new ideas and advances into our products. We work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and challenges, allowing us to develop customized solutions that fit their requirements perfectly. We are constantly integrating new ideas and advances into our products, keeping pace with the rapid evolution of technology.

We have a team composed of highly qualified personnel, which is currently experiencing sustained and solid growth, both geographically and industrially diversified, with a clear commitment to technology, sustainability, and quality.

Leadership in innovation and vision for tomorrow

The company’s focus is on employing new technologies to develop innovative products and attempting to introduce them into markets that tend towards commoditization and globalization.

Precision engineering and design combine to offer products that not only meet the most demanding standards but also anticipate future needs. At IED Company, we work for the industry that wants to face the new challenges arising from artificial intelligence, robotics, and digitization. With a solid foundation in engineering tradition and a forward-looking perspective, we are prepared to continue leading the way towards a more connected, efficient, and secure world.

Through the corporate R&D unit, we acquire and develop knowledge about the technologies that will shape the near future. This unit, which maintains close collaboration with universities, technological centers, and other companies, is the origin of all subsequently developed products.