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IED was founded in 1993 as a company that provided solutions for the industrial sector, offering new capacities for innovation through electronics. Its competence in design and manufacturing, combined with its different areas of activity, make IED a key figure in today’s next-generation industry that seeks to tackle new challenges associated with artificial intelligence, robotics and digitalization.

Among IED’s strengths, today it can be said that we bring together several areas of activity together with design, manufacturing and specific assembly solutions, thus providing high-value global solutions.

IED has a team made up by highly qualified staff members. Our team is currently experiencing sustained, solid growth that is diversified both geographically and industrially, with a clear commitment to technology, sustainability and quality.



Francisco Ayerra founds IED Electronics, with headquarters in Cipriano Olaso, Pamplona.


Development and marketing of the RLG-EBA, the first product for the wind energy sector by IED Electronics.


Development and market launch of the first wind protection devices for tower cranes: SAG 104 and SAG 105.


Íñigo Ayerra takes over as director of IED Electronics.


Founding of IED Greenpower, dedicated to developing lighting systems for wind turbines.


IED enters the solar energy and agricultural sectors, based on its expertise in anemometers.


Opening of our subsidiary in Chennai (India).


IED strengthens its position in the solar energy sector with sun tracking equipment.


Opening of our subsidiary in Shenzhen (China); development of electronics for sun trackers and the creation of SAFE-OM, an integrated safety system for wind turbines with remote information.


Creation of IED Research & Technology, a technology center serving the IED group.

A company active

in society

IED is linked to different associations, thanks to its drive to achieve objectives of interest for industry and society through cooperative efforts.

Organizations in which we take part in on governmental bodies

  • Logotipo de AEDIPE Presidency of AEDIPE Navarra and La Rioja since 2016 and member of the Board since 2014.
  • Logotipo de Enercluster Founders and member of the Board since its foundation in 2016.
  • Logotipo de ADEFAB Member of the Board since 2018.
  • Logotipo de APD Member of the Board of APD Navarra since 2018.

Organizations in which we play an active role

  • Logotipo de FEM AEM
  • Logotipo de AENOR Experts in the IEC 61400-30 / IEC 63014 Committees.
  • Logotipo de Secartys
  • Logotipo de Solartys
  • Logotipo de la CEN
  • Logotipo de la Cámara Navarra
  • Logotipo de FIN
  • Logotipo de FNE