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Own design of wind measurement equipment, sensors and actuators, to optimize control and safety in your facilities.

Wind sensor solutions

Manufacture of devices that allow different physical variables (light, temperature, acceleration, humidity…) to be measured and transformed into an electrical signal such as voltage, current or resistance.

Visualizers – Instrumentation

Professional indicators of physical variables for installation in both industrial and commercial environments.

Innovative and accurate wind measurement systems

In the dynamic landscape of modern industry, precise wind measurement is essential for a wide range of industrial applications, from wind energy to aviation and civil engineering. In this context, air measurement systems play a crucial role in providing accurate and real-time data that enable companies to make informed decisions and optimize their operations.

At IED, we stand as a leader in the development and supply of these systems, offering innovative solutions that combine reliability, precision, and cutting-edge technology.

One of the fundamental pillars of IED’s smart measurement systems is their focus on continuous innovation. Our engineers and scientists are constantly developing new technologies and improving existing ones to ensure clients receive the most accurate and reliable information possible. Our catalog includes efficient wind measurement systems with advanced data processing capabilities and increased durability to withstand the most demanding environmental conditions.

Each instrument is unique and has its own characteristics. Some of our smart airspeed measurement instruments feature an integrated or external vane sensor, an interface for data communication, etc.

Guarantee of accurate measurements in various industrial environments

The precision of these smart measurement systems and the value for money are key elements; thus, we have advanced algorithms and meticulous calibration. These systems provide precise and consistent measurements across a wide range of weather conditions and operational environments. This precision is crucial for safety and optimal performance in industries such as wind energy, where even small variations in wind speed and direction can have a significant impact on energy production. Other sectors where these instruments are fundamental include weather stations, agriculture, construction, etc.

Moreover, reliability is a distinctive feature of IED’s wind measurement systems. With a solid reputation backed by over 30 years of industry experience, the company’s products are recognized for their durability and consistent performance over time. This translates into less maintenance needed and greater operational availability for clients, resulting in a faster return on investment and higher customer satisfaction.

Wind measurement instruments with durability and consistent performance

Whether for land, maritime, or aerial applications, we offer solutions adaptable to a variety of operational scenarios. This includes everything from portable and mobile systems to remote monitoring platforms, ensuring that clients can obtain accurate data wherever and whenever they need it.

IED’s wind measurement systems represent the perfect combination of innovation, precision, reliability, and versatility. With a wide range of products designed to meet the specific needs of various industrial sectors, we continue to be a trusted partner for companies around the world seeking to optimize their operations through precise and reliable data on wind conditions.