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Sensors, activators or controllers focused on guaranteeing the operation and safety of construction cranes.

The construction industry is a dynamic and demanding environment that requires advanced equipment and technologies to ensure operational efficiency and workplace safety. In this context, construction cranes play a fundamental role, serving as essential tools for material handling and heavy-duty tasks in large-scale projects.

To maximize their performance and safety, it’s crucial to have precise and reliable measurement systems specifically designed for these machines.

In this regard, measurement solutions for construction cranes, such as wireless anemometers, have become essential elements to improve efficiency and safety on job sites.

Measurement solutions in dynamic construction environments

IED’s crane anemometers are devices designed to measure wind speed and direction accurately and in real-time. Our devices are equipped with advanced technology that allows continuous monitoring of weather conditions, essential for ensuring safety during crane lifting and load movement operations.

The ability to precisely measure wind speed and direction enables crane operators to make informed decisions about when it is safe to operate the crane and when operations need to be stopped due to adverse weather conditions.

Advanced integration with remote monitoring and control systems

One of the main advantages of our crane anemometers is their ease of installation and use. These devices are designed to be compact and lightweight, which facilitates their mounting on different parts of the crane without the need for cables or complicated connections. Moreover, being wireless, these electronic solutions for cranes offer greater flexibility and mobility, allowing operators to carry the device and monitor wind conditions from any location within the job site.

Another important feature of our tower crane anemometers is their capacity for integration with remote monitoring and control systems. These devices can be connected to a software platform that allows crane operators to visualize and analyze real-time data on wind conditions and receive automatic alerts if weather conditions pose a safety risk. This remote monitoring capability further enhances operational efficiency by allowing proactive management of lifting and load movement operations.

If your project requires these measurement solutions to ensure its success, our devices will provide precise and real-time measurements of wind speed and direction. Operators will be able to make informed decisions and mitigate risks during lifting and load movement operations. With their easy installation, intuitive use, and capacity to integrate with remote monitoring systems, wireless anemometers are indispensable tools for enhancing productivity and protecting safety in the construction industry.

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